Liability Waiver

You must agree to the following to sign up for the Minneapolis Sailing Center:

Assumption of Risk

I understand that serious accidents occasionally occur during any water-related recreational activity, including sailing, which present risks of damage to property, minor injuries, serious injuries, disabilities and even death. By signing this form, I certify that I am aware of these risks and agree to assume them.

Liability Waiver/Release and Agreement to Pay for Property Damage

In consideration of MSC allowing me to participate in its sailing programs and use its boats, I agree that I will not seek to hold the MSC or any of its officers, directors, employees or agents liable for any negligence relating to any accident or injury or property damage or loss that occurs in connection with any activity that I participate in as a member of the MSC.

Further, I agree to pay for all repairs to MSC boats or other boats that may be damaged during the time I am using the boat.

Also, I permit MSC to use photos and quotes of me and my guests in their print and online publications, without compensation.