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Hall STEM Academy Field Trip -- Volunteer Sign Up

Tuesday, Jun 11, 2024 (10:00 am - 1:00 pm)


Event Information


We are hosting 40 elementary students from Hall STEM Academy for a sailing field trip at MSC! We are looking for volunteers to skipper the boats during the event. These outreach events are an excellent way for MSC members and volunteers to spread their love of sailing.

Skippers should be MSC members and be comfortable sailing an Ensign in most wind conditions.  

Participants will arrive at 10:00 am, and an MSC Instructor will lead a brief on-land lecture on the basics of sailing. Each skipper will take 6-7 sailors on their boat for a 1.5-2 hr sail around the lake. Skippers should take this opportunity to let each sailor try steering and explain the basics of sailing. There will be a lunch break followed by another sail in the afternoon. 

Click here to view the plan for our outreach events: Sailing Field Trip Plan. 

Please sign up if you are interested in helping out.